November 4, 2021

Applications For Top Diverse Board-Ready Directors List Re-Opened. New Applicants Only.

Due to the overwhelming success of the Top Diverse Board-Ready Director List initiative for 2021, many potentially out-standing diverse board-ready directors that were not aware of the initiative when applications closed, did not have a chance to apply. Thus, the Superdiversity Institute and the Ministry for Ethnic Communities have decided to reopen the List for new applications for the 2021 Top Diverse Board-Ready List.

This will give those who have not previously had an opportunity to submit to do so by or before 4pm on November 19th 2021.  Applications are strictly available to those who have not applied previously. We will not be reviewing applications from candidates that have had their applications reviewed by the Panel.
The Superdiversity Institute and the Ministry of Ethnic Communities look forward to discovering more of the diverse talent we have in Aotearoa New Zealand to benefit board tables across the country and adding them to the 2021 List.

Apply for the Top Diverse Board-Ready Initiative here.