Zero Tolerance

NZ Asian Leaders, SUPERdiverse WOMEN and Superdiversity Centre leaders post their experiences of discrimination to underscore that discrimination is still very real in this country and we still have a way to go in treating everyone of whatever ethnicity, race or religion in an equal and respectful way.

NZAL member, Lynette Forday shares her experience of discrimination as an actor, a creative person and someone who looks visibly different zerotolerance

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NZAL member, Pramod Regonayak shares his story of discrimination as a small business owner, and puts a spotlight on biases that are still prevalent all around us

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Being open is not always good as SDW member, Nurain Janah realised at a professional event

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SDW Member, Ngaire Fuata urges us to check our behaviour first, because change starts with us, in her #zerotolerance video

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SDW Member, Wyndi Tagi shares her story of discrimination as a ethnically diverse business owner

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The “What we do in our every day relationships Challenge” – where people can post what they are doing to fight racism and ignorance.

My one act today I have educated myself about the differences between Sikhism, Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism, so I can better understand when I speak to those of different faiths

Mai Chen