Diverse Thinking Leadership Pledge

The Diverse Think(ing) Tank, part of the Superdiversity Institute, has created the following Diverse Thinking Leadership Pledge to promote the leadership of great diverse thinking in New Zealand.

More Diverse Thinking on Boards requires greater leadership

The Chairs and Directors on boards pledge to promote the following principles of the Diverse Thinking Leadership Pledge in order to lead great diverse thinking in New Zealand:

  • Recognise the value of diverse personal and professional experience
  • Challenge myself and others to bring their whole selves to the board table
  • Consider my unconscious bias and how it affects my openness to other views

As Chair, I will:

  • Identify diverse thinking among my board;
  • Encourage challenge and debate at the board table; and
  • Facilitate discussion to get the best out of my diverse thinkers.

As Director, I will:

  • Express my own diverse thoughts;
  • Support other diverse thinkers to express their views; and
  • Commit to increasing diverse thinking around the board table

I will encourage boards I am on to use the Diverse Thinking Matrix alongside the skills matrix when making director appointments, and to use the Criteria of Diverse Thinking Boards to encourage greater diverse thinking around the board table.

If you would like to know more about the Pledge, then please contact us at info@superdiversity.org