November 9, 2021

The Superdiversity Institute and Frank & The Knowledge Hunters Zoom Series: Seminar 2

Being a great board director is like any other job – you need to train hard to attain the skills and experience to be truly effective and proficient to add value to the organisation you govern and its customers and clients. It is not magic and you cannot take a pill. Being match fit requires experience and exposure to issues and watching other great directors in action and how they govern through challenges and manage risks successfully. How do they think diversely and problem solve effectively? How does a board of diverse directors govern effectively while having diverse viewpoints?

Join us for  the second session in our  zoom series starting on Wednesday 24 November 2021 from 12-1pm where you can listen and learn the training tips of experienced directors speaking on the topic of: ” Expose yourself to Combat: How to get Board-ready. 

Same format as for Zoom Seminar 1. Mai Chen will summarise feedback and put three though provoking issues to the panel and they will respond. Be back with names of the final panelists soon.

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