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Diverse Thinking in New Zealand boardrooms is a must

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Mai Chen, Founder and Inaugural Chair of the Superdiversity Institute for Law, Policy and Business released her audit report, Diverse Thinking Capability Audit in New Zealand Boardrooms 2018 today. Ms Chen said “The Diverse Thinking Capability Audit report is a global first that explains […]

Global Talent Internship Programme

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Thank you for attending the Global Talent Internship Breakfast Information event   It was great to see many of you at the GTI Breakfast Information Event on Wednesday 15 August 2018. A special thank you to Haman Shahpari (CEO, Wahiki), […]

Insights – Championing health and safety with Nicole Rosie and Mai Chen

News, News articles Tuesday, 14 August 2018 In the second of WorkSafe New Zealand’s Insightsseries, Mai Chen, chair of the Superdiversity Centre ( joins CEO Nicole Rosie to discuss the challenges of health and safety in New Zealand’s increasingly ethnically diverse workforce. […]

New Zealand Partner Launches New Global Learning Network

News, News articles Scoop Media Wednesday, 18 July 2018, 12:47 pm International entrepreneurs recently announced the launch of Boma, a new global learning and impact network for local decision and change makers. Boma’s transformational learning experiences are linked directly to outcomes to […]

Employers can help reduce Family Violence menace

News, News articles Indian NewsLink 12 July 2018 Good Governance is more meaningful with safer homes Venkat Raman The increasing incidence of Family Violence (now addressed by the New Zealand Police as ‘Family Harm’) is a national challenge and its furtherance can […]

WorkSafe Insights: Championing Health and Safety with Nicole Rosie

News, News articles NZBusiness, 19 June 2018 WorkSafe Insights – Championing Health and Safety with Nicole Rosie Tuesday, 19 June 2018   Nicole Rosie, the chief executive at WorkSafe New Zealand, is a woman on a mission. She wants to ensure that […]