March 17, 2019


The Chair of the Superdiversity Institute for Law Policy and Business, New Zealand Asian Leaders, SUPERdiverse Women and Managing Partner of Chen Palmer Partners, Mai Chen said that New Zealand should not be surprised at what has happened in Christchurch.

 “I am immensely saddened by this grotesque display of violent racism and intolerance but we are not immune from racist, hate attacks here. New Zealand has a very high ranking in the Global Peace index, but we can take nothing for granted.”

 “Some New Zealanders of different ethnicities experience racism in this country every day and it is not alright.”

 “As the superdiversity of our country continues to increase, the challenges of melding a population of over 200 different ethnicities needs to be carefully thought about and worked on.”

 “I cannot imagine the vulnerability and grief the Muslim community is experiencing now. They did nothing wrong. Yet they have been killed and injured.”

 “The only hope from this terrible situation is the universal condemnation and outrage at what has happened. This confirms the pride we feel in calling New Zealand home because of the shared value of respect and dignity for every person regardless of colour, race and religion.”

 “New Zealanders need to continue to strengthen a culture which condemns the racism faced by ethnic minorities and refugees just because of their different culture, language and religion. The migrant and refugee community will continue to be committed kiwis contributing to this country.”

 “Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the victims.”