November 24, 2021

Testimonial: Mai Chen and Leo Huang deliver Cultural Capability training session to Tenancy Services

Mai Chen, Chair of The Superdiversity Institute and Leo Huang, Deputy President of NZ Asian Leaders delivered a Cultural Capability training session to the Mediation and Compliant and Investigation teams at the Tenancy Services this month. Please see the great testimony from the Principal Mediator below.


Kia ora

To whom it may concern

We work in the Building and Tenancy Branch, in the Te Whakatairanga Service Delivery Group, a part of the Ministry of Building, Innovation and Employment. 

Our specific areas are Mediation, and Compliance and Investigation.  In early November our two teams comprising a total of around sixty five staff took part in Cultural Capability Training, with a focus on the Chinese community.  It was conducted by Mai Chen from the SuperDiversity Institute.  Due to the pandemic circumstances It took place online by the zoom virtual platform. 

Mai Chen was assisted by her colleague Leo Huang, and since the training we have received huge feedback from our staff about how informative and enjoyable they found it.

In our work we come into contact with many people from the Chinese communities, and it was very beneficial hearing from Mai and Leo about their lived experiences.  They were very impressive, setting a good tone with a balance between the serious and light approach.

They provided meaningful information and examples of how we might tailor our approach.  It was well researched with detailed training notes for us.  Their anecdotes and humour were also well received, and as referred to earlier our people advised that they came away from the session with much more clarity and insights.

We fully recommend and endorse Mai Chen and her company for any groups wanting to undertake such training.

Ngā mihi nui

 Amituanai Puni Leota (he, him)               Paul Coggan                                                               Nichola Rowley

PRINCIPAL MEDIATOR                                PRACTICE LEADER                                                      SENIOR MEDIATOR

Dispute Resolution                                      Tenancy Compliance and Investigation                             Dispute Resolution


If you would like to get in touch regarding a Cultural Capability training for your organisation please email and also please refer our website for more information on this training and other services we offer.