March 14, 2018

CQ Tick becoming the new trend for recognising and measuring cultural capability

CQ Tick becoming the new trend for recognising and measuring cultural capability

An increasing number of business and government organisations are now getting certified for cultural capability through the CQ Tick. At a panel discussion held at BNZ today, the first bank to go through the CQ Tick process, leading CEOs Robert Hennin, CEO of nib New Zealand; Scott Pickering, Chief Executive of ACC; and Russell Stanners, CEO of Vodafone talked about their organisation’s journey to receiving the CQ Tick for cultural capability.

The CQ Tick is a measure of an organisation’s cultural capability as a critical competency for 21st Century leaders – and for their organisations to win diverse customers and to retain diverse staff – is cultural capability to work with people who are not like them.

Mai Chen, Chair of the Superdiversity Centre of Law, Policy and Business, said “We have had many organisations go through the CQ Tick, including tertiary education institutions, New Zealand’s second largest health insurance provider, local and central government organisations, and one of New Zealand’s largest telecommunications organisations and largest banks. These organisations know that having the CQ Tick helps attract customers from a wide range of ethnicities, including new migrants, allows organisations to walk in the shoes of all customers, and better service their clients as well as understand and retain diverse staff. Without cultural capability, it would be difficult for organisations to cater for their diverse customers and manage their diverse staff.”

Ms Chen will be facilitating the panel discussion, where Scott Pickering of ACC has said that the CQ Tick provides “a valuable insight into the cultural makeup of ACC, shining a light on who we are and how we compare to New Zealand.  As an organisation transforming to better meet the needs of our customers, it provides a benchmark we can measure ourselves with on an ongoing basis.”

Robert Hennin of nib New Zealand has said “We have learned a lot about our cultural capability at nib from participating in the CQ audit and I am delighted at the high level of engagement from our team members.”

Russell Stanners of Vodafone will speak on the role of Vodafone’s cultural employee networks, and how they are contributing to the organisations strategic development and employee engagement.

Ms Chen said “the CQ Tick allows organisations to measure their cultural capability which helps them to understand and retain their diverse staff, and provide a better service to the diverse customers and clients – you can’t manage, if you can’t measure. This comes in parallel with the recent launch of the social media campaign, #myidentity, which increases well-being, connection and racial harmony by encouraging New Zealanders to share their stories about their unique identities, be it a race or ethnic origin, a gender, a religion, a sexuality, an (dis) ability, an occupation, etc.”