November 13, 2018

Diverse Thinking Governance Summit 2018 – Lyn Lim, Chair of Foundation North

Chair of Foundation North, member of Auckland University of Technology Council, Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board, Asia New Zealand. She is speaking on the Panel for “Growing diverse thinking on not for profit boards – what’s different?”

“There is a perception that the non for profit sector embraces diversity more readily.  There are of course obvious differences between the larger non for profits (which could be almost corporate like in its structure and support) and the smaller ones driven by a founder’s/founders’ passion for certain purposes. 

Regardless, diversity at governance, leadership and management roles is not necessary a given in this sector.  The inclination to attract and retain like minded passionate people who share the vision of the organisation is very strong. This inclination itself may be a barrier to diversity in thoughts.  

To make a difference in the lives of others, to serve the changing demographics in New Zealand and to keep up with the rapid changing world, the need for diverse thinking in the not for profit sectors is a no brainer.”

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