There are many organisations that are making the most of their CQ Journey, both in the public and private sector. The following clients either are on the CQ Journey towards receiving a CQ Tick, or have undertaken the CQ Survey, or the Superdiversity Institute has delivered cultural capability training to their organisation, or many more of the CQ Services that the Superdiversity Institute offers.

“I’m very proud to lead an organisation that’s part of New Zealand’s DNA. Our scheme is for all Kiwis and it’s important ACC reflects this by ensuring we are diverse, inclusive and our services accessible to all. I want to create a workplace where all staff are respected, valued and able to contribute.

“The CQ Tick provides a valuable insight into the cultural makeup of ACC, shining a light on who we are and how we compare to New Zealand.  As an organisation transforming to better meet the needs of our customers, it provides a benchmark we can measure ourselves with on an ongoing basis.”

Scott Pickering, Chief Executive, ACC

nib has always valued cultural capability and, given our increasingly diverse staff and customers, must grow that capability.

We have learned a lot about our cultural capability at nib from participating in the CQ audit and I am delighted at the high level of engagement from our team members.

We now know nib is diverse and our team speaks 50 languages. This cultural capability is fantastic. My senior management team and I are happy to recommend the Superdiversity Institute’s CQ Audit, Report and CQ Qualmark as a great way to add value to businesses that value cultural competence.

The report the Superdiversity Institute wrote us analysing the results of the CQ Audit) was pragmatic, incisive and helpful. It identified the low-hanging fruit which we are implementing with good results, along with training in CQ and subconscious bias.

I am very happy to recommend the Superdiversity’s CQ services.

Robert Hennin
Chief Executive Officer
nib New Zealand

The Superdiversity Institute for Law, Policy and Business undertook a day and a half Cultural capability (CQ) training for most of Southern Institute of Technology’s staff and some of our international students.

International students comprise 20% of the student base at the Southland Campus of SIT and come from 45 countries around the world. Thus ensuringthey are well-taught and succeed and thrive and go on to be able to find jobs and to stay in Southland is huge for SIT and for the economic development of the whole region.

The Superdiversity Institute’s training was transformational in building on and growing the
cultural capability we already had at SIT. Teachers had their eyes opened again to the
challenges of international students and learned to walk in their shoes. They found out how
to deepen their own CQ(ability to work with others not like them) and gained a refreshed
appreciation of the important things they could do while teaching that would really assist
their international students to succeed.

The international students were able to voice their challenges and appreciated their cultural
diversity being valued by SIT and the importance placed on helping them to succeed. They
also learned to grow their ability to work successfully with kiwi culture.

The training was a great success. It was videoed to allow us to use it to train the trainers. In
turn, this has allowed SIT to continue to provide CQ training to new staff and students.

I have no hesitation recommending the CQ and unconscious bias training the Superdiversity
Institute provides. It added real value to SIT and was transformational.

Penny Simmonds
Chief Executive
Southern Institute of Technology

We used the CQ survey as the first stage of an organisation-wide process to further strengthen our cultural responsiveness, by identifying our current strengths and priority areas for improvement.

Thank you again for giving us such a strong, evidence-based platform to help us reach our new goal – becoming a “culturally amazing” organisation.

Susan Warren

Chief Execituve

COMET Auckland