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CQ (Cultural Intelligence) Tick

Receive the CQTick and tell your staff and customers that your organisation is culturally competent.

New Zealand and Auckland in particular, is one of the most superdiverse in the OECD with a high percentage of people not born here.  This makes for a superdiverse talent pool for staffing but also growing numbers of ethnic and new migrant customers using organisations and businesses, policies or services.

A critical competence for any organisation and its leaders in winning new customers and retaining staff is cultural capability (CQ) –having the ability to work with people from all backgrounds who are not like them.


About the CQTick

Undertake the CQTick Programme and receive the CQTick, which measures the existing level of cultural intelligence and capability of your staff and management so that gaps and strengths can be identified and addressed.  You can then build on these to increase CQ.

Display the CQTick in your workplace, on your organisation’s website, on products and services information so your staff and customers know you are culturally competent and having cultural capability to work with people from all backgrounds is important for your organisation.


About The CQTick Programme

The Superdiversity Centre can provide the CQTick Programme for your organisations so that you can receive the CQTIck.  The CQTick Programme is an accurate read out on the cultural capability of your organisation and can identify the Superdiverse Leaders who can help you grow CQ.  The CQTick Programme provides:

  1. CQ Survey – a survey to measure existing levels of cultural intelligence and capability of staff and management
  2. CQ Report – a report with the analysis of the survey and what it means for your organisation
  3. CQ Recommendations – five recommendations on how your organisation can improve its cultural capability
  4. CQ Dashboard – an easy to read dashboard of information about the cultural makeup of your organisation
  5. Annual CQTick Check-Up – track you CQ journey with an annual check-up


Other Programmes

The Superdiversity Centre can help you reach your diversity goals by:

  1. Providing CQ Training and Unconscious Bias Training individually tailored to your organisation
  2. Reviewing and drafting policies and procedures to ensure they work effectively in a diverse workplace
  3. Helping you implement the CQTick Recommendations


Who to Contact

For more information download the CQTick brochure.

To talk to us about how we can help you receive the CQTick or providing training, contact:

Julie Hardaker – or 021 284 8618

Marina Matthews – or 021 330 128